Wendy's YouTube channel has mindfulness practices and activities to do with children as well as some offerings for youth and adults.

 "The children looked forward to Ms. O'Leary's visits. She taught them calming techniques through breathing, stretching and song.  We received many positive comments from parents stating their children were using the techniques in situations such as doctor's visits, spats with siblings, behavioral issues and other frightening situations.  Not only did the children learn these techniques but the teachers also learned these skills and carried them over to the classroom learning that year and in the future.  Ms. O'Leary's enthusiasm for mindfulness is catching!" 

Diane and Sue, Kindergarten Teachers

Articles focus on sharing mindfulness with children with some specific techniques included.  

Guides based on Breathing Makes It Better and The Monster Parade. They include suggestions for utilizing the books to further support children's social and emotional learning as well as a numerous stand alone mindfulness practices.

"Sitting with the group gives me the ability to sit for 30 minutes in silence, something quite difficult for me to do alone at home.  After we meditate, there is a brief reading.  Then with Wendy gently guiding us, there is a back and forth sharing of our thoughts and insights about the reading.  I am learning so much through the wisdom of this group- to be more mindful, to be more aware of my thoughts and actions and to pause before I speak--and so, so much more!  Wendy's meditation group has been a gift for me."

Ruth, Group Participant

Articles focused on practices and teachings for adults.